Zoom is the hottest digital platform out as we speak. Is your company, and brand, taking advantage?

Presently, people are not working at offices, but at their home. However, your brand can use these moments to show off company endorsed swag. Items with your company logo can still be seen through a digital lens creating a unique moment in marketing. For example, many people are doing Zoom, Face-Time video hangouts, and digital meetings. What is everyone wearing? Likely, they are wearing t-shirts and hoodies. So, picture your company logo on the shirts creating free advertising sparking a conversation about the logo and your brand. These unprecedented times can grant your company unprecedented opportunities. Is it as easy as it sounds? Not to simplify the answer, but we believe it is.

As always, FXV Digital Design believes in custom-branding to elevate your company’s image. Custom logos are the way to remain in the minds of potential customers. Now more than ever apparel can be your brand’s greatest advantage. Our best example is pro poker players. Their endorsements are plastered boldly on their hats and shirts. Take that same idea for the cameras on Zoom. Creating the perfect logo can help you compete with Nike and Adidas. What companies must understand is that custom apparel is basically a walking billboard so you must catch potential client’s attention ASAP.

Go Loco With Your Logo on Zoom.

Another great use of a custom logo is that you can add it to casual apparel, not just business items. There still is a need for leisure items, like t-shirts and athleisure wear (yoga pants, sweatshirts, etc.). The more your custom logo is on my items the more it will be seen creating the potential for new clients. It is a simple, and efficient way to your market your company and brand. Also, think of your backdrop on Zoom. Do you have other promotional material that has your logo? A simple sticker or cutout in the background will gain attention and interest.

Finally, start dressing in your brand as much as possible! Let your logo pop during those Zoom meetings. Let people see your creation freely and watch it propel your brand even higher. Lastly, we encourage you to contact FXV Digital Design if you’re looking to make sure your business stays front of mind while we are all dealing with COVID-19. The first cup of coffee is on us (when this is all over)! Contact us today.