tik tok

As TikTok grows, small businesses should consider jumping on the wave. Presently, 80 million users are on the app, and those numbers are growing.

Who reading this knows about the app that is supposed to be the new Vine? TikTok has become a force in just a few years. During these past fews, the app has seen an expansion due to viral moments, and hit songs. Lil Nas X owes his fame to users having his music on posts daily (you know Lil Nas X, Old Town Road? Thats where he came from). Since his rise, (and before his rise) there has been an increase in the apps presence. For those who do not know, TikTok is the short video creator that has become a mainstay in social media. Sometimes the videos have music, others are lip-synched. Although it has a big market for tweens, it is surprisingly popular for businesses and small business owners should capitalize on its growth ahead of their competition.

For example, e.l.f. cosmetics launched a campaign last year through TikTok that saw 2.5 billion views of their product. Also, it spawned countless videos of free advertising. Still find it silly? Good, because it is! The platform lets users have some fun taking their favorite songs, viral clips, or original content to have it played all over the world. So, you know of the app, and know some numbers, but how can it help your small business?

TikTok, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Although the market demographic is set to be late teens to twenty-somethings, use this to build your brand, and potential market. Thus far, not many companies are using this platform to their advantage. Their loss is your gain. TikTok has a viewership that is undefeated, and always searching for new content. The result of creating a trend, viral clip, or challenge can lead to immense traffic to your business. So, how can you engage TikToks users? They demand original content, that’s unlike what you share on traditional social media. Give them what they want! Users usually want something silly, and genuine. Essentially, shy away from the standards. Be you, be fun!

How to Pop on TikTok

Pay Attention to What’s Trending – Do your research. Additionally, find out what works for your company and brand. Finally, know the audience and what they want. Once you know these realms, merge them. It will take time to find the right formula, but if NFL teams can run a TikTok we promise so can you. This will create a trust for your brand and business.

Peep The Stats – Treat TikTok like any other social media. Check for the highs and lows of your posts, the times, what is and isn’t getting views. Evaluate and reevaluate your content. The app offers a pro account (for free) so you can check analytics like growth, views and other neat details.

Build Your Brand – A page is only as good as the content. Create the hype! Take everything we discussed and use it. Jump on the trend before the clock runs out; get on TikTok.

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