Adam Serrano is a freelance artist originally from Brooklyn, NY, currently residing in West Reading, PA.

Adam is influenced by anything from graffiti to hip-hop to sci-fi. He’s known locally for his incredible mural work in Lancaster, PA, logo designs, album artwork, and he’s personally created not one but two original pieces for FXV Digital Design.

The cool part about this conversation was that it was just that – a conversation. We discuss the new AI craze, aliens, and even if there is other life in the universe! I can’t wait to do it again!

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Website: Adam Serrano Art
Instagram: @ifstagram
Lancaster Online: Artist Adam Serrano encourages others to conjure giants with latest mural
Lancaster Public Art: A Conversation with PSA Muralist Adam Serrano

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Show Notes

Produced By: Joseph Alexander Media
Music By: Beats by Dai