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Social Media plays a substantial role in sharing your business’s message, values, brand, and content. It’s all about creating the content your customers want to see and that will attract new customers as well.

There is no greater reach than social media.

We tell all of our clients and small businesses to take full advantage of any and every social media. Hype gets built from social media every day and while small businesses may not do viral numbers or get as many likes as a celebrity you have the chance to interact with your local community every day whenever you feel you’d like to. Not to mention, the name of the game is staying relevant and what an easy way to stay in someone’s head than through their phones!

Social media outlets essentially carry everyone in your community and interact with you, whenever they like. That’s a powerful tool. To sum it up: free exposure with every post to expand your company’s reach. Can it get much sweeter than that?

Social Media Marketing in Reading, PA

The real question is why won’t your company use social media pages to their full potential? Don’t worry about that now, because we’re here for you. While you raise your profiles and extend your reach, your competition won’t be able to contend.

Some food for thought: Tik Tok has 800 million active users (and growing), 210 million Snapchat Users, 1 Billion active Instagram users per month, 2.3 Billion users actively use Facebook. Think about these numbers and how your company is just one of the million companies using social media, but are they using it right? FXV Digital Design can help lift your company and your social media to new heights while demonstrating how to be authentic and interesting to your consumer base.

Why Do You Need Social Media?

One of the many arguments we hear when we push for a larger social media presence is that they (small business owners) do not like a certain social media platform. “I don’t like Facebook or Twitter,” is an automatic shot in the foot for your brand.

We are here to tell you to abandon that idea. Those ideas are hurting your bottom dollar by limiting your company’s reach. Social Media is FREE and can give you great insights into how your demographic works!

Because of the internet, everyone sees content from websites and other media. The easiest link to your customers and business is through posts they can interact with. Presently, our team creates unique posts for your business. We make sure every post has a high level of SEO and readability to edge out your competitors. Then we add specific hashtags that create interest and have a following. With over two-thirds of adults using Facebook and other media outlets for roughly 3 hours a day, it is time to tap in.

Our team will guide you through the dos and dont’s of social media. For example, everyone wants fast social media growth but we strongly go against buying followers. Don’t do that. It will ultimately stunt your growth and do nothing for the social media’s algorithm. Did you know social media apps have an algorithm on how your followers see your content? Luckily, FXV Digital Design knows how to crack the code and can help your business prosper on these platforms.

Social Media Marketing in Reading, PA

Isn’t all Social Media the Same?

First off, there is no cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach for social media. Each social media outlet is an individual requiring a certain finesse. Certain pages may be more picture based like Instagram so you will need a captivating image to draw the crowd in. But for many of these apps, consistency plays a major role. To simplify, the more you post, the more the app will feature your company’s page on other users’ timeline, and the possibility to be on their discovery pages.

Social media is a long haul game that can give you a major lead to a company that doesn’t take advantage of social media or may not be using one at all! The way many of these platforms operate is through something called an algorithm. No social media page has the same algorithm. The ultimate way to step up your social media presence is by learning each individual social media uses their algorithm than using it as a guide to growing your profile. We know this is a difficult challenge especially with running a business and all that goes with it. Don’t worry, that’s why FXV Digital is here to help conquer it with you.

Who we’ve worked with…

Five Finger Death Punch
For Your Home by Vicki Payne
Social Media Marketing in Reading, PA
Sullen Clothing
Social Media Marketing in Reading, PA
Social Media Marketing in Reading, PA
Social Media Marketing in Reading, PA
Social Media Marketing in Reading, PA
Social Media Marketing in Reading, PA

From Our Clients

We can sit here and tell you how awesome we are, but we’ll just let our clients do it instead.

Ampersand Integrative Wellness

“It has been and still is a pleasure working with Freddy! His professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched! If you want to be heard, taken care of, and most importantly, look good online, FXV Digital Design is the place to be! Freddy and his team will take great care of you. Time to take your business or cause to the next level!!”

Stefano Sarge

Partner & Personal Trainer, Ampersand Integrative Wellness

Biohacking Bombshell

“Freddy is not only incredibly talented at website design and making sure you’re getting seen online by your ideal client, but he is one of the most servant-driven down-to-earth business owners and humans I’ve ever met. He is overflowing with knowledge in the online space and endlessly sharing his knowledge with others. He’s a true master of his craft.”

Allyssa LaScala

Owner, Biohacking Bombshell

Clean Floors & More

“Freddy at FXV has been a marketing asset for years. We always have lots of ideas for growing our Janitorial Service. Freddy takes those thoughts and ideas and makes them a reality. We are very grateful to have such a local rock star to call on for our marketing needs.”

Gilbert Nazario

Owner, Clean Floors & More

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