Virtual touring is a tool that can help generate more traffic for your website, and business.

Technology has enhanced virtually everything we use daily (see what we did there?). Be ahead of your competition with virtual touring, or create a virtual tour for your business as a flex.

Virtual reality is an interest to the public. Oblige their curiosity while gaining viewers and customers by creating a virtual tour. It may sound niche or expensive but it can help influence a new demographic to see what your company is all about. People are drawn to virtual tours. This will make people discover your small business, engage with the virtual tour, and discover what your services are. Customers are literally visiting your storefront, seal the deal!

You might be asking, “what is a virtual tour?”. A virtual tour is a simulation of a physical area taken with 360 degrees photographs. Once the end product is ready to be shown, add it to your business’ Google My Business page so viewers and consumers can visit your store from the comfort of their homes. Still not convinced? Let’s talk about what virtual touring can do for your business.

Content Creates Engagement

FXV Digital Design lovessearch engine optimization. Virtual reality is unique and fresh. This content has been added into Google’s algorithm to increase search rank for websites. This comes from websites like Facebook pouring resources into virtual reality. High quality content earns businesses higher rank on search engines. We reiterate, being on the first page of search engines is an advantage for your business. The more high quality posts, photos, videos, reviews and virtual tours increases the odds of search engine selection. Think of it like this: A potential customer comes across your website, and sees a virtual tour page. This virtual tour allows customers to see what your business is all about. Virtual reality may seem like a feature that elevates your website and company compared to your competition. Seeing content like virtual reality appears next-level.

Attract Customers

Virtual Reality is unique. Everyone wants to experience it. Have the photos done by a trusted photographer. The inital cost is cheap and the exposure may triple the investment. Take our company, when we added our Virtual Touring segment and saw an increase of 700 views on our website. Viewers and customers want to know what a business is about. Viewers don’t need fancy tools to view virtual touring, just a smartphone or a desktop. This content separates your business from the plebs.

Views from the Web

FXV Digital Design saw an increase in traffic in our website. We knew this thanks to Google My Business . Google My Business is a free tool to link your business’ information like website, business hours, and reviews. When your Google My Business is created you can keep tabs on the virtual tour views. On top of that feature, you can check the initial impressions from users, how many users clicked from their to your webpage, and other features that will show an increase of traffic created.

The Virtual Tour is Everlasting

It’s a one time deal, unless you move buildings or totally revamp your storefront. The initial cost of photos, and to add it your Google My Business, then you sit back and watch the traffic rise. Google will host your virtual tour indefinitely until you want it gone. Sit back and watch your numbers rise!

Do you want to increase online presence and traffic? If you said no, we can’t help you, but if you said yes heavily consider virtual touring. The outcome is only positive: more online traffic, a higher rank on search engines, and a cool way to demonstrate your business for a few initial costs. Still unsure on pulling the trigger? FXV would like to hear your woes. Contact us and let’s get a cup of coffee.