SEO, which stands Search Engine Optimization, can make or break your local websites. With some guidance from FXV Digital Design, you can strategize on how to make the SEO most effective without major spending.

As a small business having a limited budget on branding and marketing is common. How can you compete with major businesses that seem like they have a stranglehold on the internet?  Going against businesses that are larger and may have a larger budget to match is hard but can be done with SEO. You may be asking, “what is SEO?”. Search engine optimization is the way search engines find fresh and new content. They add to their pages by using focus keywords, readability, images, and other factors.  Using SEO correctly and efficiently may outrank other companies, thus giving you more success due to being on to the top of search engines. Though the concept may sound complex it can be as simple as finding the proper keywords. Here are some ways to help maximize your SEO to outrank your competition.

Google Greatness

Before we go any further, here’s a statistic: Google gets about 2 trillion uses a year. Over 67% of users will click on the first 5 pages listed on Google’s first page. Your business needs to be on that list. First, start with Google My Business. This tool shows your business on local searches for google. Don’t worry, it’s free to use and takes a few minutes to set up. Be mindful that the local SEO rank depends on your name, address, phone number, and URL on the web amongst other factors. It is also important to understand that using SEO is a longterm hustle. Search engine crawlers take in thousands of new content every moment. It may be an initial grind to gain your traction, but the payout will be well worth it.

Be a Keyword Warrior

Focus keywords play a massive role when it comes to SEO. The more searched keywords in your posts will help Google and other search engines find your content faster and place it on the first page of search engines. With a staggering 42% of all searches being 5 words or more, and “near me” searches up 900% in the last two years, keywords of your location can help garner attention and traffic instantaneously. Check your local keywords on sites like Ubersuggest that will help find keywords with longer phrases. Also, we highly suggest using words that are relevant to current affairs. For example, while we were in the throws of COVID, the content we created that mentioned the VID gained serious traffic.

Leave a Review

Another great tool is reviews. Recommendation and referral are two things businesses everywhere thrive off. Trust plays a huge part in new customers trying your business. With the help of Google or another search engine, when your business is registered by Google Business, your customers can start to leave reviews. Consumers want to see a reputable business with the highly coveted 5-star reviews. It makes your business shine and allows Google to rank you higher. As search engines continually crawl for content its important to create new content. Once your ranking improves your posts and pages will be higher on search engines.

Lastly, FXV Digital Design would love to handle your website’s SEO to take your business to the top (of Google that is). Contact us today via our contact form or call us (484) 509-4285 for any SEO questions. The first cup of coffee is on us!