This Life We Live

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Project Description

The Long Island based heavy metal outfit This Life We Live needed a quick way to showcase their sound with a video. Being the band only had a handful of fan recorded clips available on Facebook, to say this video was going to be rough would have been a massive understatement. With the help of Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and a little magic, I was able to create a look that complimented the band’s sound and no one was the wiser.

Project Details

Client This Life We Live
Date March 2015
Skills Branding, Video, Print, Illustration

CD Artwork

This Life We Live hired me to do their video teaser because they were ready to release their latest EP titled “Novena”. I had the pleasure of designing the artwork for their single “All Alone”, which gave them the confidence to hire me to create the artwork for the actual EP. Utilizing Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, crows were able to be used in the artwork which is part of the band’s branding. They even going as far as calling their loyal fans crows, so this was a focal point of the design.

Dig Up Her Bones

This was a fun project simply because I was able to use footage from one of my favorite monster classics, “Bride of Frankenstein”. The band’s guitarist asked me to make him a quick clip for their cover of the Misfits classic, “Dig Up Her Bones” and I obliged. Simple, green, and chock full of iMovie, this video still hit the mark with the band and their loyal fanbase.

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