Branding · Illustration · Video · Social Media

Project Description

This promotional video created for the baseball fan blog Mets Hot Corner. Along with Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, MLB videos clips were edited together with the addition of graphics to create a hype video for the 2016 season. To date, this video has compiled over 5,500 views on YouTube and Vimeo combined.

Project Details

Client Mets Hot Corner
Date March 2016
Skills Branding, Video, Illustration

Social Media Engagement

In order to create traffic to the blog, social media is used extensively. The most popular of them all for Mets Hot Corner is Instagram with the current follower count being a little over 9,200. Media used to gain organic followers are custom illustrations, humorous photos, and hype videos.

Blogging and Media

Mets Hot Corner is a baseball fan site utilized to test all of my social network projects and ideas. Being a rabid fan, I write 95% of the content on the blog, as well as design and develop 100% of all graphics and video found on the site (not owned by MLB of course).