M. Fine Lumber Company has been recycling lumber in New York City for nearly 80 years, servicing architects, designers and the general public with locally salvaged lumber.

Being able to walk the grounds and take a look at wood that was used to build such a wonderful city was a privilege and an honor. Merritt Fine, owner, wanted potential customers to see where their recycled lumber came from and the character it embellished.


Logo Design
Website Development
Video Editing
Email Marketing
Product Photography
Social Media Management
Search Engine Optimization


Web Design
Graphic Design
Social Media

Logo Design

M. Fine Lumber never had an official logo and decided developing a new website would be the right time to address the issue. After walking around the lumber yard for a few hours, inspiration came in the form of a circular saw blade.


We scheduled the photoshoot on a cold day in February, but the environment around M Fine Lumber was inspiring and having the opportunity to take photos of its history was priceless. The planing process was photographed to prove they handled all lumber themselves from salvage to the showroom.

Video Editing and Production

We had a bunch of photos, but no real video footage other than a NY One interview. So what do you do when you have lemons? You make video lemonade and spread it across the social media universe.

Website Design

M. Fine Lumber needed a website that was true to their style. We kept it raw and reclaimed, but added professional photography and website responsive techniques to set them apart from the competition.

Conversion Increase

Easy Navigation

Google Rankings Increase

Social Media Certified

Mobile Responsiveness

Creative Design

Search Engine Optimization

You can spend weeks designing and developing a brand new website, but if no one is able to find you online, what is the point? We pride ourselves on making sure every page of a website is optimized to the fullest extent of Google law to maximize visibility.

  • Increase in Google Rankings 50% 50%
  • Increase in Website Traffic 60% 60%
  • Increase in Website Conversion 70% 70%
  • Increase in Profits 80% 80%

Social Media Management

M. Fine Lumber was a leader in reclaimed lumber in the New York City area, but had no presence at all on social media. We were selected to create all appropriate social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

After initial setup was complete, we created all the graphics utilized on each social media account. A variety of graphics were used to increase awareness of M. Fine Lumber and create leads through direct messaging.

Email Marketing

M. Fine Lumber provided us with a list of emails collected over the years they’ve been in business and we decided to add email marketing to their plethora of lead conversion services.

Email marketing was responsible for 50% more conversion than their social media campaigns, and did produce warmer leads being we were using past customer contacts.

As a result of the email marketing campaigns, M. Fine Lumber saw an increase in profits and foot traffic when the email list was utilized at least twice per month.

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