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Premium Website Hosting

Whether it’s personal or business, we have the powerful website hosting you need to achieve your online goals.

Premium Website Hosting

Stop Cramping Your Style!

Gone are the days of being certainly cooped up on a server with thousands of other websites. Presently, our dedicated server is home to our clients ONLY, guaranteeing swift website load speeds which increase your search engine ranking.

Did we also mention security for your visitors? Yes, all of the websites on our server have an SSL included, which is another factor Google uses to rank your website. If you fail to have one installed, Google will penalize you and your visitors will know it.

Stop trying to figure this all out yourself, let the pros at FXV Digital Design make sure your website is always working, always fast, and always protected!

99.9% Uptime

What’s the point of having a website that’s basically always down? Comparatively, we guarantee your website will be up and running 99.9% of the time so you’re always live.

Free SSL

That’s right, all websites hosted by us receive free SSL certificates! This insures all data you present to your visitors as safe to browse and it also increases your Google search rank.

WordPress Professionals

You love WordPress? So do we! We’ll migrate your current site and even give you tips on how to make your website faster!

No Hosting Hassles

Our technical support team guarantees your website will be installed on our servers for maximum uptime and load efficiency. Did we mention Google also uses site speed as a ranking factor?

World-Class Support

We provide top notch customer support so you no longer have to worry about your website experience. Something seems a little off? Simply give us a call and let’s get it fixed!

Quick Response Time

Waiting for the web guy causes you to lose time and money – and you can’t afford that! We’ll get back to you in a timely fashion. Need even faster service? View our monthly maintenance plans.