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MONTHLY Website Maintenance

A poorly functioning website not only deters potential business, but it can negatively affect your brand. Making sure monthly website maintenance is performed on your website maintains confidence in your current customer base, as well as creates a solid foundation for new business.

Website Maintenance in Reading PA

Let Us Take Care of Your Monthly Website Maintenance!

When you purchase a home there is constant maintenance that needs to be done to make sure your investment is protected. The same applies to your website. If you leave your website unattended for too long, everything you built will eventually crack and crumble. Get fast, efficient monthly website maintenance (and hosting) for your website today!


We equip your website with all the support it needs by securing it from potential threats, keeping it up-to-date, and constantly monitoring it for issues. Our monthly website maintenance includes live performance reporting along with various other services to help your website perform.

World-Class Support

We provide top-notch customer support so you no longer have to worry about your website experience. Services include core updates, security migration, and even personalized consulting.

Quick Response Time

Ever get stuck waiting for the web guy to get back to you? That causes you to lose time and money – and you can’t afford that! Get your requests answered and handled within 24 hours.

Fresh Content

Old and stale content can make your website look dated and neglected, and even cause you to rank lower on Google. Contact us today to keep your site fresh with a monthly website maintenance plan.

Software Updates

WordPress plugins and software updates are critical for security and improved performance. We manage this for you to make sure your website stays safe and efficient.

No Hosting Hassles

Our technical support team monitors your website daily for uptime and load efficiency. You never have to worry about your website being down providing a necessary peace of mind.

Problems Fixed

We diagnose and solve website issues, as well as protect against any future issues that may arise. Maintenance allows us to make sure your website never has to deal with downtime.

Firewall Security

SSL certificates let visitors know your website is safe but is your website safe from hackers? Every monthly website maintenance plan comes with firewall protection guaranteeing safety and security.

Performance Reports

Do you really know how your website is performing? Our monthly performance reports provide you with the information you need about your visitors, allowing you to build better marketing strategies.

Additional Services

Blog writing, consulting hours, and even specific services provided on our Gold Maintenance Package can be added to any other package for an additional cost. Contact us, and let’s discuss!


Websites come in all shapes and sizes, some websites will need to have more maintenance done while others need less. At FXV Digital Design, we provide fair and customized solutions for exactly what you need based on our analysis of your website. We can maintain any website whether it was a custom website design from us or somebody else. Let’s us make sure your website always stays AWESOME!