You have a page for your business and also have lots of fans! What does that mean? Absolutely nothing, according to new research of Facebook pages.

The grim reality is that only 17% of your fan base is actually seeing what you are posting. Sure, they are fans but that means absolutely nothing if your posts don’t come up in their Facebook Newsfeed.

Facebook has recently began to shun low active pages by deeming them useless in a Newfeed. This means that even if your page has over 5000 fans and you post often, if you don’t get a large amount of likes and comments on your page, your fans won’t see your posts. What makes even less sense is that one user who may comment/link your posts all the time STILL won’t see your posts in the Newsfeed until other people start commenting/liking as well.

Now before you start to get angry, we would like to offer you a solution.

The fact is that without constant attention, your Facebook page is going to suffer. Here are some solutions from to help get your page back onto the Newsfeeds of your fans:

4 Tips For Solving Facebook Post Visibility Problems

– You must try to get more likes and comments with every one of your posts. Every post that doesn’t get responses lowers the value of your page. Make sure everyone who posts to your page knows this and is capable of doing the next bullet item.

– To get more likes and comments, you need to tell people why they should like and comment on your posts.

– If you aren’t reaching enough fans, you might need to use Facebook advertising either to get more, or to show your page posts as ads. Then do a better job of engaging so you can keep reaching a higher percentage of these new fans.

– If you don’t want to do a good job of engaging fans on your Facebook page, the lower visibility may increase your cost per customer to the point that you may lose your profit potential. In this case, you should just use Facebook advertising to send people to your website instead — fewer steps, lower cost per customer.

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