How to Avoid Simple, Silly Mistakes on WordPress

We all make mistakes, but sharpening your WordPress skillset will help your website outshine the competition. Learn some quick tips on how to strengthen your skills.

WordPress is relatively easy to use compared to other website creators. Many times you can keep a blank template for your blog or website and just fill in content. WordPress offers themes for your page to help make something unique and original. However, there are some avoidable mistakes users encounter. Things like, leaving in dead links throughout your page. What can be done about a mistake? It can be corrected, then avoided for future reference. Nobody is perfect, but we can stop creating uanessacry issues. Mistakes can be avoided with a little help from FXV Digital Design. WordPress is something we know a thing or two about. Allow us to help your WordPress conquest.

Avoid the Infamous 404 Error Message

Everyone knows of the 404: Pages not found, message. We’ve all seen it on other sites, and it unanimously annoys everyone who comes across it. It is statistically proven that users make a snap call on your business a few seconds being on a website. Receiving a 404 error message is sure way to drive away potential business. The error code usually comes from man-made mistakes like permalink changes, or deleting a page incorrectly. If changing a permalink, make sure you change your URL as well. If the URL is not changed with the permalink, users will click on broken links. Viewers of your website will be greeted without a page and the infamous message. Your WordPress skills are better than that. You’re better than that, rookie! Do everything in your power to avoid the 404.

How to Avoid Simple, Silly Mistakes on WordPress

Be Selective with Plugins

What is a plugin, and how do I use one in WordPress? WordPress has numerous plugins that you can attach to your site to add more functionality. You may know some plugins like All In One Seo, Akismet, and Contact Form 7. They’re useful, right? We encourage some plugin usage, but don’t overdo it. You may feel tempted to add plugins for any and every reason, and if you decide to add plugins, make sure you keep track of them and don’t forget to update. If they are not updated your blog may suffer from slow loading times, and if you have too many plugins, your website speed will slow down, thus taking away from your bottom line.

Delete the Default Content and Create Your Own

When you create your own site, WordPress creates a “sample page” for you. That is your default page that viewers will experience. Delete it! Play around with the menus, find a design that you enjoy. Think of a theme that represents your brand, and business well. Make sure the page is easy to navigate. Don’t complicate your theme; keep it simple for users and yourself. Add content that caters to your company, website, and consumers. Stand out! Try to add content daily, if not regularly. As soon as your stop adding new content the populace will forget. The last thing your business wants is to be forgotten.

Mistakes will happen, correct them. It’s only natural that you go through content creation in a trial and error fashion (unless you’re FXV Digital Design). Your business now obtains the knowledge, stronger tools in your arsenal, and a better understanding on how to use WordPress. Creating something spectacular elevates your brand, and your website is the cornerstone of your business.

If you feel timid creating your own website, fret not. FXV Digital Design is here to help your business stand out from your competitors. Contact our team of professionals and we will utilize our skills to help your business stand out from your competitors.