Grow your brand in 2024 and make marketing your best friend. Properly marketing your business will not only help you with customer retention. But it will also help generate new customer leads and build brand awareness. We’ve gathered some simple marketing tips to help you grow your brand in 2024:

Tips to Grow Your Brand

Make Good Use of Customer Reviews

Reviews are an amazing way to build trust in your brand. Leveraging customer reviews not only will build the trust of current customers but will appeal to potential customers.

Think of it this way, you’re looking to buy a new pair of headphones from two different companies, both with identical features, how would you break that tie and decide which pair of headphones to buy? Typically the consumer would go to the reviews to see how their fellow consumers (and not the company selling the product), meaning the pair of headphones with the most positive reviews will likely win out over the pair that has less positive reviews.

If you’re a service-based industry you can use client reviews as well! You can add testimonials and reviews to your brand’s website and service pages. When potential clients go through your website they’ll be able to see positive reviews throughout their user experience which leads to a positive impression when considering your company as their service provider.

Prioritize Personalization

Who doesn’t love the appeal of a brand that speaks to them as an individual? When you go into your inbox you notice the amount of brands that leverage your info like your name, birthday, and your recent shopping history to tailor communications to you. Leverage the consumer info you have and personalize it to your consumer directly or to appeal to a broader demographic of your audience that shares similar interests.

Choose Quality and Focus on ROI

Quality over quantity, focus on a meaningful return on investment. Instead of just pushing content out without little thought and hoping some of the strategies stick, think them through. Invest the time and money in developing high-quality marketing strategies and tools that will move your brand closer to your goals.

Champion Social Responsibility

Younger Millennials and Gen-Z consumers are the generations that are the most influenced by the social and environmental stance a brand takes. These consumers are less likely to stay loyal to a brand solely because of the brand name, like older Millennials – Boomers, and are more likely to flit to brands that align with their social and environmental beliefs.

So in 2024 and beyond, embrace your brand’s commitment to social and environmental causes. Communicating your commitment and being authentic about the causes you support will appeal to your more conscious consumers and help generate new leads.

Create More Short-Form Videos

While everyone loves a good vlog, who has the time to watch a full 30-60 minute video? It’s time to embrace short-form videos in your brand strategy. With social media algorithms pushing shorter video content (thanks TikTok) if you want to communicate your brand’s message to a wider audience you’ll want to explore creating short-form videos.

Want to learn more about how to create short-form videos? Check out our other blog post here!

Embrace Paid Social

If you haven’t hopped on the paid social bandwagon yet, now is the time. Consumers are spending more time on social media than ever before. So you might as well advertise where they spend the most time. Paid social media advertising is a great way to reach a wider audience and drive conversions.

Paid Social allows you to decide your strategy, demographics, and pricing. This allows for the flexibility for your brand to decide strategy based on your set goals, whether it be conversions, retargeting, or brand awareness.

Focus on Existing Content

It’s not necessary to recreate the wheel anymore. Instead of starting from scratch with all of your brand’s content, try repurposing and updating existing content that has already been made. The best part is you can leverage metrics and analytics, especially from social media, to determine what content has made the most impact so far. From there all you need to do is tweak the existing content and captions to maximize the reach and consumer impact of the content.

Pro-tip: When repurposing content on Instagram, make sure that the content isn’t repeated too closely in your feed.


Constantly Optimize User Experience

Leave the set-and-forget-it method in 2023. We’re in the digital age and a brand’s success hinges on the consumer’s digital experience. This means it’s necessary to be constantly improving and optimizing your consumer’s user experience. When optimizing your consumer’s digital experience, make sure not to only look at your website, but any digital experience, such as social media platforms.

Connect Online and Offline Strategies

Keep it simple when it comes to your brand strategies. Don’t silo your marketing strategies by platform or by media type. Your brand strategies should be aligned with both your online and offline marketing strategies. This will create a seamless experience for your consumers.

Prioritize Authenticity

Be authentic and create a genuine connection with your consumers to grow your brand. Transparency in messaging can seem scary at first, but consumers recognize and appreciate it when a brand is upfront. The other perk of being authentic is your brand begins to seem more approachable and human.

Prioritizing authenticity and championing social responsibilities combined will lead to driving new conscious-minded consumers to your brand. Winning over the conscious consumer and retaining them is huge. The era we’re in there isn’t loyalty to brands solely in their name but in their actions.

By implementing even a few of these marketing tips, you can begin to grow your brand and connect with your target audience in 2024 and beyond.

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