JD Turner is the owner of Holistic Skateshop in West Reading, PA.

I first met JD a few years back when my daughter asked for a skateboard. We headed over to Holistic and had one of the greatest customer experiences of my life. He took the time to ask my daughter the appropriate questions and set up a board custom just for her – but that wasn’t the only AWESOME thing that day!

JD informed me of a dream he had about opening up a killer skatepark in the Reading area. Built correctly with enough space to accommodate everyone. What started as a simple idea in 2016 has blossomed into the Reading Skatepark Association which hopes to open in the very near future!

Connect with JD Turner

Website: Holistic Skateshop
Facebook: HolisticSkateshop
Instagram: @holistic_skateshop
Twitter: holisticskate

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