Email marketing

When it comes to marketing a business should seek, and use every strategy. One of the easiest ways to convert a customer, make a profit, and gets the most bang for your buck is through email marketing.

Marketing is quintessential for any business, small or national. When it comes to ploying marketing strategies, consider your demographic, and their wants and needs. FXV Digital Design advises you leave no stone unturned – market on every platform. Market wisely, though. Don’t be a nuisance like telemarketers, but there’s a place you can reach potential customers at home or mobile at any given moment. Thinking what we’re thinking? That’s right! Email marketing is the way to go.

Email marketing offers something that other marketing strategies can’t offer: a direct line to a customer through their inbox. Whether or not they read this email is on them, but our philosophy is to make the content so good they must read it. Worst comes to worst, a consumer will delete it, but your company name stays with them longer, so your business still wins (the only time a company loses if someone forgets them. Don’t let that happen to your business). Statistically speaking, Email marketing is known to be one of the most cost effective, efficient, lucrative options of marketing.

80% of retail professionals believe that email marketing is the biggest marketing ploy that retains

72% of US Adults prefer business communications through an email.

Email Content

The content of the email needs to be straight to the point. Cutting out all the less important details with an engaging email title will certainly have customers observing your emails. Provide details like a new product or service customers can experience, updates on your company website, events your business is tied with, and other promotions. Customers expect to communicate with your business through email, oblige them. While sending leads, or demonstrating your most crucial content for your business be sure to include promotions for the week, month, or season to help gain a returning customer.

Email Personalization

No two customers are the same; create diverse content for groupings of customers. One of my favorite lines in Mad Men remains true to marketing, “There’s the rare occasion when the public can be engaged beyond flash if they have a sentimental bond with the product,”. Keep Don Draper’s expertise in the front of your mind: don’t try to dazzle customers, be genuine instead. This will help individuals engage with your email, and generate more traffic for the business increasing more revenue.

Personalization is something that makes consumers feel special. Everyone has different tastes, so make sure emails feel unique and catered to the individual. The uniqueness of the email will encourage customers to share feedback, and your conversion will increase, too. This devilishly handsome writer has a side hustle of reselling sneakers. Poshmark, a clothing reselling site, started sending me emails about Nike’s Air Force 1, and vintage Polo Ralph Lauren that was listed. You know the outcome of that email? Poshmark made a small fortune off of me. Take a page from their playbook: personalize to a customers needs and watch the revenue grow. There are softwares that can find similar products customers might also enjoy, and have consumers like fields of interest that they enjoy, so updates will alert consumers to explore, and purchase.

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