Dressed in Love Bridal Suite

In June 2020 Amanda Alger came to FXV Digital Design with an idea, and we helped create something special with Dressed in Love.

Normally when our clients need our services it all starts with an idea, then we create something that they can only imagine. For Dressed in Love Bridal Suite, that’s exactly how it went down. We take pride in all of our work but with their storefront less than a quarter-mile down the road, we made sure it was something we perfected. Amanda came to us for a unique logo and left with upper echelon branding and bridal website design for Dressed in Love.

Logo & Branding – A Match Made in Heaven

Bridal Shop Website Design

First, we created a logo. While discussing her new business, Amanda had two names in mind. So, we jotted down the pros and cons of both names until we reached a verdict. Then after some careful editing, we had finalized a logo that revolved around a rose. After we had finished creating the logo, it was time for the actual website design.

How We Created Dressed In Love’s Website Design

Bridal Shop Website Design

The layout of the site has a landing page and 6 services pages – diary (blog), about, designers, events, preferred vendors, and contact. Emphatically, we always recommend a contact page and a blog. To start off the design process we used photos from Amanda’s wedding! Above all, we wanted to showcase the magic of that special day. The true joy that comes from marrying your soulmate resides inside the designs. Each page is carefully crafted like the feel of a wedding dress. When you think of a wedding dress the color white comes to mind. To tie up the color with the theme we have photos of couples on their wedding days to portray the love and passion you feel through our pay as well as your big day.

SEO for Dressed In Love Bridal Suite

Bridal Shop Website Design

On top of website design, we make sure each page is fully optimized for search engine optimization, aka SEO. We’ve talked about SEO a few times here. FXV Digital Design amplifies your page’s results on search engines a few ways. First, we use a lot of internal and external linking to keep viewers on your website as long as possible. Then we use focus keywords that potential customers are searching for. Lastly, we make sure the readability is high so anyone can comprehend the message. To remain relevant in a search engine, there must be new content. How we make that possible is with weekly blog posts. We include keywords that are relevant to your website, and what a potential customer may want. All of these components drive traffic to your site and gain sales!

With Dressed in Love Bridal Suite, we made sure to create a website that is as blissful and heavenly as your special day. With custom images, maximized SEO, and necessary coding that has websites load fast and efficiently makes the world of difference. Creating awesome website designs is what we do best, and when it succeeded Amanda’s expectations it was a match made in heaven. Lastly, FXV Digital Design would love to handle your website’s design to take your business to the top (of Google that is). Contact us today via our contact form or call us (484) 509-4285 for any questions.