Marketing During COVID-19

Small businesses everywhere are facing a dilemma – marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead of asking how to maintain, ask how can you use the opportunity to learn and grow. Yes y’all, what a wild ride it has been thus far. After the initial shock, Freddy Vasquez thought about how this quarantine would change life. However, FXV Digital Design thought about the positives instead of the obvious negatives.

Small Businesses, lend us your ears! We understand you likely are taking a hit amidst this outbreak. Overall, millions of Americans are feeling the effects of COVID-19 everyday. Our heart goes out to you. We want other small businesses to know they’re not alone and to keep their minds off things we advise everyone to get busy. How? Simple, social media and marketing. We’ve comprised a list of some marketing ideas small businesses need to capitalize off of.

Update Your Website

We like to think this one is no-brainer. If people are looking to use your product or service during or after this pandemic you’ll want to have the very best site with updated banners and links. Most businesses are marketing COVID-19 updates detailing how their company is helping combat the virus. Adding the touch of transparency and an informative approach will build trust.

Marketing During COVID-19
Babylon Crossfit just launched their brand new website to inform members of new features and classes that will be introduced when the pandemic is over.

Release a Statement About COVID-19 and Your Business

We know it might sound silly but every company whether it is a boutique or a restaurant is releasing a statement. Most likely, you’ve received email blasts from every company in the book. It’s a great idea to join the bandwagon. How is your company handling the situation? Are they increasing cleaning¬† standards, closing up shop, but still doing transactions digitally? Spell it out for your audience and let them know your stance.

Marketing During COVID-19
Core Health Chiropractic added a video to update clients about their practice and how they plan on combating COVID-19 while providing care.

Go Digital

If you haven’t already, add an e-commerce function to your website. Many companies shied away from the opportunity but with quarantines in place many people aren’t leaving their homes. With e-commerce attached to your website, they wont have to and you’ll still make money.

Don’t stop at e-commerce; include online ordering a delivery! Although COVID-19 is forcing us to socially distance, this doesn’t mean people don’t want products. When the setting of the game change, you must adapt. Include a way to have products to be delivered or sent via mail.

Marketing During COVID-19
New Age Hoops transitioned from having a basketball camp in June to offering in home development utilizing online meeting software and an app.

Help Your Community

Everyone is facing the harsh reality of this pandemic, If you can help in any way, shape, or form, we implore that you do. We are going to get through this time as a community. If you have a product or service that could help others during this time consider reaching out to your community and helping when you can. Any amount of donations or services will help. If needed, your business can promote good deeds, and provide some positivity when we all need it.

Marketing During COVID-19
Jersey Ink designed a t-shirt in support of all the small businesses in their area by donating 50% of the proceeds.

Lastly, we encourage you to contact FXV Digital Design if you’re looking to make sure your business stays front of mind while we are all dealing with COVID-19. First cup of a coffee is on us (when this is all over)!¬†Contact us today.