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The way we consume media has changed, but amazing content will always stand out. With so many different ways for a business to get a message to the consumer which way is the best way for your business?

Advertising Services in Reading PA

Need to get the word out?

You have a product, sale, or offer that needs to be displayed but have no idea how to tell thousands of people in a short period of time. Well, that’s where advertising comes in. FXV Digital Design has various outlets to advertise your business message making the real question not how, but where?

First off, our team will need basic information about your company and brand. We like to know every detail to help better this experience. To start, we want to know who your consumers are – their age, demographic, usual amount they spend, are they returning customers? Although it may seem excessive, this helps to get to know who you are looking to advertise to, and where are they looking.  After we acquire the data, we’ll start with a pitch. Our pitch will cover the information we have found, the pros and cons of your previous advertising and where to improve on. For many of our clients, they have not had any advertising in place before, and that’s okay! Luckily, that’s why you have us put your company in the right direction.

After our pitch on advertising, we will create a presentation that will have potential advertisement ideas, including where, how, and when to advertise. The tiniest details like the time of day or day of the week can make a world of difference. Our team will be fully prepared with logos, ad banners, and other awesome content for your team to review. Emphatically, we make sure every project is carefully created and no detail is overlooked. Lastly, our team will demonstrate what has worked with similar clients in terms of success generated by advertisements.

How do we get the word out?

There are several formats to get your advertisements across, and depending on what your product is and your customer base any of these can be used! Here are some places we encourage our clients to look into.

Advertising Services in Reading PA

Digital Advertising

Through Facebook and other social media platforms, we can create ads that are pay-per-click, which reaches your targeted audience faster. We heavily advise that if you only pick one option that this is the one. As mentioned on our social media page, many people are consuming their content via digital and social media. Because of this, your business is likely to reach your target audience where they are already looking.

Print Advertising

A classic that is effective. The reason many people still stick to physical advertisements is their results. Printing ads in local magazines and other outlets creates a mass reach, and many still believe it is a way of looking professional. Also, some print media now has a digital presence and may combine advertisements with its virtual version. That could be a two-for-one for your company.

Media Advertising

These two may feel like an odd area to advertise but you’d be pleasantly surprised. Thanks to the steady increase in revenue of Podcasts (expected 1 Billion in 2021) many companies are shifting to ads to mainstream podcasts. For local businesses, you should look to find local podcasts that your audience may enjoy or already listens to. Usually, local podcasts advertisement will be cheaper and have a direct impact on listeners. Lastly, it should gain you a new audience who may be interested in your product. Of course, this depends on your demographic. An older generation may not be in tune with podcasts but a younger consumer base will be listening.

Email Marketing

Don’t forget about your current costumers! Email marketing involves them signing up for sales or newsletters focused on your brand. Think of it as a retainer for your audience. Keep these people who are loyal interested in what you have to offer. Encourage them with a discount or just keep them in the loop with what your brand is up to.

Recent Advertising Work

No matter what format of advertising you use, FXV Digital Design can create an original advertising campaign and propel your brand higher and further.

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From Our Clients

We can sit here and tell you how awesome we are, but we’ll just let our clients do it instead.

Joseph Alexander Media

“FXV is THE business to go to for your branding, marketing, and website design! They have an amazing team that can help you with a wide variety of needs. But more importantly, they are all extremely personable, willing to work with you on any level. They are down to earth, working with large and small businesses alike. To them, you are not a customer, but a person, and it shows in how they work with you. Highly recommended!”

Joseph Mikucki

Owner, Joseph Alexander Media

The Gutter Bus

“Freddy has been taking care of my web needs for as long as I’ve been in business. Always top-notch response times to questions or updates as needed. Easy convenient friendly service that is second to none.”

Gregg Squires

Owner, The Gutter Bus

Goodfellas Granite

“Creative genius is how I’d describe Freddy from FXV. You want to get your business out of the shadows and out in front of the competition then look no further. Creative, honest, and professional. First-rate business.”

Tony Daskus

Owner, Goodfellas Granite

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