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The big question for businesses is, “now what?”. Should businesses change their content creation?

Because of this virus companies are closing up shop and working from home. So, should they have to change content for viewers who are consuming it pretty much the same way? FXV Digital Design believes we came up with the best answer for your content creation quarrel: “somewhat,”. Unsatisfied? We’re going to explain if, how, and why your content strategies should change during COVID-19 quarantine. We call it, “COVID Content”.

We say “somewhat” because what you are saying in content should be changing. Undeniably, it will be about COVID-19. However, do not stop creating content. Do not let up; people will be looking for content more than ever.

Those Who Need to Adapt

Obviously, some companies need to switch up their content creation for the time being. For example, clothing stores have to adjust to storefront operations being closed for the time being. Content should be tailored to consumers at home, through their emails and social media.  Another idea to consider is your audience – is this lockdown effecting them? If so, your content creation needs to be tinkered with. Of course, we also recommend a business-as-usual attitude for all non COVID-19 content being made, like this post here.

Social Media Content

Presently, all of our social content has to relate to COVID-19 in some way. Why wouldn’t it? It’s not like there is much else to do! Try to be timely with your posts and content. Everyone is looking to share their thoughts, opinions, and how they’ve been holding up during the quarantine. FXV Digital believes empathy is the route to take. Businesses need to understand people are worried about this virus. So, try not to sell your products, and sell your values. Is your company helping our first responders and or nurses? Are you helping your workers somehow? Let people know during this time you remain unshaken.

Community Support

Now more than ever we need to be unified. Think about how many businesses, small or big, there are in your town. What are they doing to help the community? If you are a small business, highlight what you are doing for those around you. Generally, do not put your business up front, but demonstrate what you are doing. Are you giving out masks? Doing something like buying lunch for nurses gets the community behind you, and that’s more than half the battle. You can influence others to start helping the local community as well and create an influx of support. Communities support you, and now it’s time you support your community.

To other small businesses and people everywhere living during these unprecedented times, we salute you. Our nation will come back stronger than ever, but for now please practice social distancing and follow CDC guidelines. Finally, FXV Digital Design is here to help your business stand out from your competitors. Contact our team and we will help you create something awesome today.