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Berks County and many other areas move to “Yellow” on the pandemic chart on June 4th.

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been a long several months span, but we made it together.  The big question everyone is having is, “now what?”. Presently, all places will continue the CDC guidelines while we gain some freedoms back. If no one has told you this, we’re so proud of everyone for holding it down for the marginalized groups. FXV Digital Design is proud to call Berks County our home. COVID-19 has tested every person, and business but we remain unshaken. Although things may be a long way from “normal” we have adapted and continued forward. While we face a new normal, small businesses must adapt too. Because one of the many symptoms of COVID is the way we consume media, particularly social media.

Our social media habits have changed. For example, likely you’ve been on your phone more time during the day than ever. Check your phone’s screen data to tell you the truth! Because of this notion, think about when and how your business should be adding and creating content. Think of it like this: if more Americans aren’t working, they will be using the free time to scroll their social media feeds.

When to Post On Social Media

When it came to a work-week social feed, many of the posts came before and after work (8 am and past 5 pm). Because of COVID, many viewers of social media are at peak viewership at 11 am most days. We found through our own Instagram and Facebook (follow us!) analytics, midday viewership got us the most likes, and views on our stories. For weekends, we recommend your posts be around 11 am or afternoon as well. We found that 5 pm or later tends to have a drop-off.

Posting Outliers

Just like any data, there are some outliers and exceptions. As we mentioned, 5 pm and later has less viewership normally. However, a 9-10 pm post time may have a grouping of viewers before they go to bed who are likely on their social media.

Of course, you may want to keep an eye on your business’ analytics to help better understand your demographic. Not all viewership consumes the same, but many are consuming it this way. Many people are stuck inside, without things to do. So, give them some content in exchange for mass appeal!

Stay On-Brand

If your small business is still functioning, and even if it’s not, you must try to remain on-brand, and continue the same amount of message volume. For instance, if your company releases two posts a day on Twitter, continue that formula or increase it! Generally, many companies should continue posting to remain visible to the public. Yes, certain businesses are feeling the effects of this pandemic like traveling agencies and retail stores, but the traffic can be generated by more posts if you have a product or service. Although we have some ideas on expanding your social media presence, it all depends on your business content strategy and again, your demographic.

Lastly, as we reopen and people are slowly going back into the workforce be prepared for changes again. Social media is fluid, so always be ready to adapt! We know a few things about social media, and if you’d like some consulting on how your company can maximize theirs, contact our team and we will help you create something awesome today.