10 Local SEO Stats

Every minute there is someone searching for a local service or business online.

A local business relies on search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, to show up in specific keyword searches hoping to gain new customer leads. Statistically, local SEO is growing small businesses daily and can help grow yours, too.

Maybe it’s a new boutique on your block that you want to try, a dentist office, or a pressure washing company. If you were a customer, where would you discover these businesses? The answer is most likely the internet. If you’re a local business, how can you increase your online presence ahead of your competition? When searching online, what grabs your attention? What are your keywords? This is where SEO comes in.

It is urgent for all local business owners to maximize their search engine optimization. SEO rules the way Google and other search engines pick up information and we are giving you the game ball hoping that you run with it.

FXV Digital Design is proud to offer you 10 facts to consider while optimizing local searches to help gain more traffic on websites, help increase your online presence, and create more revenue. With stats like these, it is crucial SEO is constantly working for you to increase traffic to your business while gaining local notoriety.

10 Local SEO Stats

1. 97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else.

2. Mobile devices will influence more than 1.4 trillion in local sales by 2021.

3. “Near me” or “Close by” searches are up 900% over the last two years.

4. 78% of location-based mobile searches result in an offline purchase.

5. Location-based coupons on mobile devices can lead to 9916% increase in incremental mobile revenue.

6. 92% searchers will pick businesses that are located on the first local search page.

7. Four in five consumers use search engines to find local information.

8. Search result information will send 70% of consumers to a physical store.

9. 72% of computer or tablet users and 67% of smartphone users want ads that are customized to their city or zip code.

10. 88% of searches for local business on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours.

Statistics don’t lie. Using these SEO tips as a tactic will bring your business to the forefront of search engines, and ultimately bring your business more traffic and revenue.

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