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The Process & F.A.Q.

The Process is simple. We get what we need from you, and you receive a great product!

1. Fill out our online quote form and let us know what project(s) you are interested in. You can also email us directly or give us a call!

2. We will contact you back to discuss your project and pricing.

3. We will add you to our calendar once we receive your 50% deposit and any assets we need, depending on the project. Examples: logo, hi-res photos, text/bio, a general idea of what look you are going for, a link to your current site, etc.

4. We will begin the design, sending you a preview once it is complete. Here is where you can make any changes, and let us know what you think.

5. We will begin the coding process, sending you another LIVE preview once it is complete.

6. Final payment is due, and we launch your project!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my project take?
Depending on what is involved, normal turnaround is 2 weeks. However, you can’t rush art so we always ask you to be patient so your project comes out 100% to your satisfaction! If you need your project sooner, we can do so for an additional fee.

Do I have to give you a desposit? How much?
Yes. In order to protect ourselves and you as well, we ask for a 50% deposit before any work is begun. This deposit will ensure you a spot on our calendar and time devoted to your project.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept PayPal, Checks, and Money Orders. Please email/call us to get details on how to leave your deposit! We can send you an invoice as soon as you are ready.

Do I have to provide my own art?
If you are already established and have your own artwork, then please send it to us. Of course, if you are starting out for the first time we can create the artwork you will need.

Will my project work in all 4 browsers?
Yes! We have taken time to ensure out code works in IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. We also test your project in all major browsers as well before launch.

Do you offer Hosting?
Yes, we offer hosting for an additional fee for all websites. All image hosting for MySpace and Facebook designs are FREE!

If I have a design, will you code it for me?
Yes! We offer coding services if you already have your project designed. Please contact us so we can speak with you about the correct dimensions.

Start Your Project Today!
Stop going unnoticed on the web and start standing out, contact us today at 1-866-971-3640 to discuss your design needs, or fill out our easy online Web Design FREE Quote Form.